Overwatch Coaching

Why Choose Overwatch Coaching?

 Either learning a new champion or a new skill it’s going to take some time and dedication in order for you to get good at it. If you want to be a competitive player in this game you’re going to have to expand your hero pool drastically.

 If you stop learning and adpting, you will get behind! The game is always evolving and changing.

 You have to find your own play style in order to start grinding the official Ranked (competitive) ladder. The game is intense and complexed.

 It is also important to note that the game always has a meta and if you are playing non meta heroes you will struggle very hard to get to the top of the ladders. There are always a few exceptions to the rule players who have mastered certain heroes to such a degree where they can go against the odds.

 Becoming one of these players will take the most time and dedication and if you choose to go this path it may reward you in the future when the hero gets a buff.

 For these following reasons coaching in ow has become incredibly popular and is nothing to be ashamed of.

 Our team

Our team consists of pro players or top SR players from all 3 regions: NA,EU and SEA. Each of our Overwatch coaches is a peak spot player in their respected region.

They have experience in teaching solo players and competitive teams.The guidance and strategies they provide will surely help the player advance compared to all fellow competitors of the player. Not only that, the player will also learn new things and at the same time, earn more rewards that he or she have never imagined.

Benefits of having a coach:

Easy and fast way to earn rating in every level.

Every team or player is given a wide opportunity to advance in the next game level with better knowledge of the game.

A comfortable way to make it to a new rank with your own style and not worry about what move you have to do.

A wide gaming background on the overwatch game being played. This also provides the player an adequate learning experience on what essential things to do to advance on a specific level. (what is most neccessary in each level: gold, platinum , diamond …)



Overwatch – GrandmasterHe has played since season 1. With high knowledge of tank heroes, he played main tank (Reinhardt/Dva main) for some top teams in Vietnam.   


Overwatch – Grandmaster/Top 500He was 1 of the top 500 of season 1, Grandmaster and top 500 of season 2. He has played competitive from the season 1   


Overwatch – Grandmaster/top 500Dfield has been playing since closed beta of Overwatch and has played in top teams in Australia since the beginning .He has lots of knowledge   


-Overwatch Top 300-With over 6 years of experience in FPS and MOBA games, He’s been playing overwatch competitively and,before achieving 25 hours of ranked, he got picked   


What’s a typical lesson plan?

Our coaches tailor sessions to your individual needs. At the start of your first session, your coach will evaluate your goals and experience. Then, he’ll create a personalized plan for you to achieve your goals over time. Afterwards, you can work with your coach together to achieve some of these goals, or it’s totally up to you!

How do I prepare for a session?

While not required, it may be helpful to have a video recording of your play uploaded on YouTube so your coach can review your play with you in a slower-paced setting.

You will need a microphone and Skype installed on your computer.