The two times Champions of EPICENTER

Team Liquid defended their Epicenter title as they made short work of Evil Geniuses.

After a week of some amazing Dota 2 action, the stage was set for Evil Geniuses and Team Liquid to dazzle the Dota community with a befitting final. While we did see some spectacular displays (mostly from Liquid), all games turned out to be quite the one sided affairs.

First game was a beat down, Liquid draw out a 17 minutes GG.

The same happen to the second game, but this time, EG done it with the MVP belong to Andreas ‘Cr1t’ Nielsen’s Oracle.But EG cant keep their momentum in the next 2 games.

Game 3 was Maroun ‘GH’ Merhej show on his Earthshaker. His performent in this game is on point : Roaming, stacking camps … Liquid closed out the game quite comfortably in just under 30 minutes.

Game 4,With a little different change in the lineup, Liquid still got BB in their hand. EG had their favarite heroes (puck and IO) but their performent is not good as Liquid. The game closed out with Amer ‘Miracle’ Barqawi dive Radiant fountain to kill enemy. EG 1-3 Liquid is the final score

The score of each game

Game One: Evil Geniuses – 1 Team Liquid – 23

Game two: Evil Geniuses – 30 Team Liquid – 8

Game three: Evil Geniuses – 6 Team Liquid – 27

Game four: Evil Geniuses – 9 Team Liquid – 34

Having gone through their fair share of tough times, it is creditable that Liquid stuck with this team (they didn’t qualify for a single LAN for a good four months, including the Boston Major) and are reaping the benefits of patience and team work. It is all but certain that we will get to see them in Seattle with a direct invite on the cards, and they can be added to the pot of potential TI 7 Champions!

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