Siltbreaker: Basic stuff

I. About the Siltbreaker campain:

Siltbreaker is a multiplayer campaign for owners of The International 2017 Battle Pass. Teams of four players engage in a mission to complete objectives in an action role-playing environment. Battle Points and other rewards are given out depending on performance.

As Act I opens, Siltbreaker awakens in the depths of Dark Reef, and the mysterious Conclave of the Brine calls upon you to halt this dark power’s ascent, starting with Siltbreaker’s twisted creation – Rhyzik the Corruptor.

As you battle through multiple play zones in search of Rhyzik, you’ll earn completion stars based on your performance level. The first time you complete a zone with one or two stars will net you Battle Points rewards, and delivering a three-star zone performance will grant a treasure from Siltbreaker himself.

II. Siltbreaker Basic

a. Heroes:

Siltbreaker features the following heroes:

  • Strength: Abbadon, Legion Commander, Sven, Tidehunter, Tiny

  • Agility: Drow, Shadow Fiend, Templar Assassin, Troll Warlord

  • Intelligence: Dazzle, Jakiro, Lina, Windranger, Witch Doctor.

Some heroes have altered abilities made specifically for this event. After choosing a hero, you’ll embark on a quest with three others.

b. Lives

Every player has five lives, and players still have the ability to buy back (cost 2 lives for 1 buyback). When ever you cross a checkpoint on the map, each member of your team will gain 1 live. After killing bosses, they also drop LIFE RUNE, pick up that rune will gain you 1 live (Let the lowest live player in your team pick that rune). You can’t gain more than 5 lives. You can respawn your teammate by clicking their tombstone.

c. Items:

Siltbreaker use the default Dota2 items (some are disabled in this game mode). Items can be found as drop-items after killing enemies or breaking environmental objects and opening chests. They can also be purchased at various shops scattered across the campaign. Most items can be sold at shops. Items are fully sharable with allies (including NPCs) – This will help you a lot in this game mode, i will mention later in the walkthrough.

Gold can be gain by picking gold bag (drop-items) or selling items at shop.

d. Artifacts:

  • Artifacts can be used to provide various benefits in the campaign. They will be the key for you to complete the game!

  • Artifacts are obtained in the amory as a cosmetic by random drop in game during Act I (by killing monster and mostly by killing bosses). These items can then be equipped in-game via the artifacts tab next to the shop tab.

  • Artifacts are assigned and bound to a player upon dropping, and cannot be shared.

  • Artifacts are permanent and can be used across multiple games.

  • Players must be above a certain level for artifacts to function.

e. Gastromancer notes:

You can find these notes along the way you go through the campain. Find all 11 of them to complete the archivement “Secret recipe”.

III. Rewards:

If you have done all the achivements, you will earn:

  • 6.25 battle pass level from achivements.

  • 4 battle pass level from completing 10 zones with 2 stars.

  • 10 Siltbreaker Treasure chests from completing 10 zones with 3 stars. (20 if your battle pass level above 165).

  • Siltbreaker emoticon and the trophie “Siltbreaker: Act 1 Sand stormer” from killing the final boss.

These are the basic thing you have to know about the Siltbreaker act 1 campain. We will update the walkthrough in 3 seperate part:

Part 1: From zone 1 to zone 4

Part 2: From zone 5 to zone 7

Part 3: From zone 8 to zone 10

See you soon :)!

Regards, – Best services – Always

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