Siltbreaker – act 1: The sand of fate

Today, Valve has finally release the first act of the Battlepass TI 7 Campain – Siltbreaker: The sand of fate.

Siltbreaker is a multiplayer campaign for owners of The International 2017 Battle Pass. Teams of four players engage in a mission to complete objectives in an action role-playing environment. Battle Points and other rewards are given out depending on performance.

As Act I opens, Siltbreaker awakens in the depths of Dark Reef, and the mysterious Conclave of the Brine calls upon you to halt this dark power’s ascent, starting with Siltbreaker’s twisted creation—Rhyzik the Corruptor.

As you battle through multiple play zones in search of Rhyzik, you’ll earn completion stars based on your performance level. The first time you complete a zone with one or two stars will net you Battle Points rewards, and delivering a three-star zone performance will grant a treasure from Siltbreaker himself.

Each Siltbreaker Treasure includes a chance to receive an indescribably-rare Immortal Desert Sands Baby Roshan courier, and Battle Pass owners with Battle Level 165 or higher will receive double the treasures for each three-star zone they complete with the reward bonus active. You’ll also have the opportunity to unlock achievements that grant even more Battle Points.

The reward of the first act including:

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