Overwatch’s aniversary event

Overwatch’s aniversary event, Blizzard’s big anniversary event

Blizzard is planning another special event for Overwatch, one that may begin just a few weeks after its “Uprising” event ended on May 1st.

This new event will be to celebrate the official one year anniversary of the launch of Overwatch.

Overwatch was released on May 23th, 2016, so they have announce a limited event from May 23th to June 12th with some awesome skins for your favorite heroes. Check it our HERE

Besides, Blizzard has added loads of skins to Overwatch over the course of five different events the past year: Summer Games, Halloween Terror, Winter Wonderland, Year of the Rooster and Uprising.

If you missed any of those, you don’t have the other chance to get it now unless you buy accounts which are played and celebrated those time. Best way to get it: buy at our shop.

Right now, there is still time to get the Uprising event skins: oni genj and officer Dva until May 1st. Check it our HERE


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