Overwatch season 4 Top 500 and Skill Rating Mantain Service


Developing to be one of the best Overwatch boosting Service, BountyBoosting introduce new service: Skill Rating Maintaining Service and offer Grandmaster package at a affordable price.

Overwatch Skill Rating maintain

With Blizzard revealing all the changes made to competitive play: *Each player above the 3000 Skill rating mark is inquired to play at least 7 games per week. If he fails to do so, his Skill rating will start to decay due to inactivity.

We are proud to introduce Skill Rating Maintaining Service

  • This service contains playing 7 games per week at your current skill rating and maintaining that Rating for the duration of the week. The SR can increase slightly.

  • You can also choose how many weeks you want to maintain your rank for.

  • We provide Duo Queue option up to 4200 SR and Solo option to 4400+ SR.

  • For the Solo option you will be able to select “streaming” and to receive one of our accounts to play on while the boost is happening.

  • If you choose to play on your account while the boost is ongoing and the rank drops. We will maintain that dropped rank on later weeks.

Grandmaster Ranking Boosting

We provide The Grandmaster Rating Package with fast speed and affordable price:

  • 1. Time of the boost from any rating to Grandmaster: 24- 48 hours

  • 2. Get to Grandmaster without maintaining skill rating for one week or until season ends ( the options “Maintaining rating” Should not be ticked)

  • 3. Get to Grandmaster and maintain it until season ends ( Maintaining Rating tills season 4 ends option). This option guarantee you Grandmaster anytime for the whole season, your rating will never drop down to Master.

  • 4. The maintaining option cost you 50$ a week.

  • 5. Accounts with Current Rating falls on the chart but unrank this season, it costs 30$ exclusive with the package.

Top 500 Ranking Package

With the changes of blizzard, only rewarding the top 500 players at the end of season. It will be harder to reach top 500 and get top 500 reward.

If you want to get top 500 rewards with an affordable price, we recommend purchase Grandmaster Boosting Package then purchase top 500 at the end of season.
If you want to be top 500 and be in the leaderboard for the whole season, BountyBoosting Provide Top 500 Boosting package: ( pc, ps4, xbox available)

  • 1. Get to Top 500 without maintaining skill rating until season ends ( the options “Maintaining rating till season 4 ends” should not be ticked)

  • 2. Get to Top 500 and maintain it until season ends ( Maintaining Top 500 tills season 4 ends). This option guarantee you Grandmaster anytime for the whole season, your rating will never drop of top 500. When it drops, we will boost it to top 500 anytime.

  • 3. The price to get to top 500 and the maintaining option might increase 100$ -150$ a week due to the fact that top 500 mark is increasing each week and we have less time to play.

  • 4. The packages will be limited due to the available boosters and how much time until the end of season.(10 slots)

Top 500 policy:

  • For customers purchasing at the end of season ( 1 -2 days remaining), refund 50% of the order if we reach top 500 but can’t maintain, refund 75% if we haven’t reached top 500.

  • You will not play any competitive matches when the maintaining process is ongoing till season 4 ends. If you play, you will take the risk of not getting top 500 reward at the end of season.

  • If you do not tick the maintaining option, we will not take any responsibility for being top 500 at the end of season after we get you to top 500.


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