Overwatch Tier List And Meta Analysis Season 5

Overwatch Tier List And Meta Analysis Season 5 - Overwatch hero usage

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The overwatch tier list season 5 is created by our overwatch boost team and research based on Overbuff Hero usage in pro tournament and high-end matchmaking rating games. Note that even though the hero tiers and hero rankings are based on current Overwatch meta and strategy, it is not recommended you pick your most familiar overwatch character and try to switch it up on maps and particular circumstances. Below is a complete guide of best overwatch hero, strongest overwatch characters to pick to climb overwatch ranking system.

Check out the full explanation of Overwatch Ranking System here.


Overwatch Tier List

Overwatch tier list is based on the current meta: Dive meta and the rise of Overwatch’s DPS heroes

Tier 1: Those heroes are the strongest/best heroes with >80% Usage rate. Most are very effective at killing and focusing on one enemy. They are the must-have on every team composition and any offense/defense maps.

Tier 2: In case your “main” is not one of these tier 1 characters, then do not worry – a fantastic player can make outstanding use of those heroes in the vast majority of situations. When we examine outcomes that are in-game and data, their potency is undeniably beneath that of their Tier 1 heroes.


Tier 3: Those heroes are not normally bad but they don’t function as well as tier 1 and tier 2 when playing exceptionally and may fit better in Team play rather than picking it when first join a game.

Overwatch hero ranking



Tier 1Soldier 76, Genji, Tracer

Tier 2 McCree, Pharah, Sombra, Doomfist

Tier 3Reaper


Tier 1

Tier 2Widowmaker, Torbjorn

Tier 3Bastion, Junkrat, Mei, Hanzo,


Tier 1 Winston, D.Va

Tier 2Orisa, Reinhardt, Zarya

Tier 3Roadhog


Tier 1Lucio, Zenyatta

Tier 2Ana, Mercy

Tier 3Symmetra

Tier List Hero Explanations

Tier 1 / Best Overwatch Characters


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Genji is the most infamous casualty in Overwatch, in line with the dive comp. Genji is a general who can harass, damage the dart can just finish the enemy hero quickly. With the ultimate dragon blade, Genji can finish up supporting the enemy even when they are hiding behind a tough team.


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Tracer accomplishes the same role as Genji in a killer tool – an annoying tool that players can easily harass with an enemy. One of her Pulse Pistols can deliver most of the healers and low blood tankers. Ultimate 400 damage is the fastest ulti in the game.

Soldier 76

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Generic player deals total damage in the game, both healing and self-healing in the area, and is capable of dealing massive damage to an object. His ability to sprint helped him to gain a good position and back off when attacked by the enemy. Ultimate helps Soldier 76 able to auto aim and shoot non-bullets if enemy heroes in sight.


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One of the most mobile tankers in the game, a must have on any map, 100% pick rate on pro tournament. Winston is able to jump into the war and become a troubling threat that simply will not die. Winston will be the first to participate, attract the attention of the enemy and attack the original attack and cause damage to the enemy. His shield works as a partitioning tool, restricting enemies in a bubble that they can not break or shoot out.


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Even though the armor for D.Va has been nerfed lately plus grenade nerf from Ana, she is still picked a lot because of the utility. Before the nerf, D.Va is the strongest hero when she can go in very aggressively and spread the enemies’ position between healers and their team. Now, she is mostly used to protect the allies with her matrix and sometimes can fly around and shut down the main dps of enemies if given space.


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This support monk has the ability to mark enemy heroes and increase damage. Zenyatta is not only a pure healer, he can also do great damage if space is created. What makes him so important is the Orb of Discord, a skill that marks enemies and it will increase significantly. The amount of damage they lose.


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Lucio is consistently on top of the chart – 100% usage rate on pro tournament and Grandmaster skill bracket. Even though he is not able to heal a single target, his amazing flexibility, versatility and incredible sustain still makes him viable in any situation. The speed boost is crucial for a good team to move around, sprint in and out of the fight – keep players alive and versatile.

Tier 2


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Zarya’s presence depended on her gradually becoming stronger by protecting herself and her allies from being able to receive 200-300 damage. His shield is pretty useful – Shield Winston before he jumps to save him and Shield vulnerable teammates to keep them alive. His ultimate gets buffed a bit by not allowing Tracer, Genji, Mercy to escape of graviton surge, which makes him tier 2.


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Mcree used to be in tier 1 heroes previous patches. His damage output is insanely strong close to mid range if he has enough cover and heal. The Overwatch meta shifted to dive comp( short term of a dive composition), which eliminates the presence of Reinhardt and rewards those mobile heroes like Tracer, Genji, Wwinston, D.va- makes Mcree weaker. The hero is a hit-scan dps like soldier 76 but he lacks mobility and has no heal. Moreover, he is easily shut down if enemies are diving straight to him with D.va or Winston. If you are a hit scan, tracer and soldier would be greater choice compared to Mmcree. Those heroes don’t need cover or healing and very mobile in the fight, the damage output is even greater than Mcree in the long run.


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Sombra is mostly used in specific team composition and is highly situational, that’s why we put her in tier 2 hero. Sombra is mostly used by pro players and high skill bracket players in defense map: Temple of Anubis, Volskaya Industries, Horizon Lunar Colony ( mostly Assault maps). Sometimes a flexible team can use her on Hybrid map: Hollywood, King’s row. Sombra is the hero get the ultimate earliest in the game, combining with Dva and Winston to constantly heal with the health pack to fill her ultimate. Also, she is great to force the Zenyatta ultimate early in the fight when his ultimate is so useful in a fight.


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Pharah remains a strong hero with a pocket mercy. However, with the dive comp meta triumphs, she is only used in some control maps. Her strengths and weaknesses are very similar to Mcree. Her presence needs a lot of team covering and resources to work with and easily countered if the enemies using soldier and tank heroes diving right into your team.


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Dooomfist is a fairly new hero, but he has those skills with insane damage output and rage closing as well. The only thing Doomfist lacks compare to Genji or Tracer or any DPS is his ultimate being very hard to use effectively. With time passed, the hero is very likely to become tier 1 hero and change the meta completely.


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Another tier 2 hit-scan DPS hero. Nowadays, you can see there are still some pro players like to use widowmaker and play as a DPS. The hero is a bit more versatile with her hook – rush in and out of the fight easily and make a turn a round head shot kill on a flanker: Genji/tracer, great to use when dominating and picking off one hero before the fight. She is not just simply suiting the dive comp and needs a huge amount of reflection in high-pressure situations, that’s why she is in tier 2.


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Torbjorn is very similar to Sombra in which a support player use it on defense map and put all the healing job to remaining healer. The hardest thing for a Torbjorn in a defense map is the position. If the team wins the first fight, it is great to use his armor, if not it is a disaster. Torbjorn is mostly used on choke points and it is not even recommended you pick him to use with only one healer in the team.


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Reinhardt changed from the most pick tanker in the game to a barely picked tanker in competitive games. The hero needs consistent heal and becomes weak against Tracer/ Genji. With one grenade from enemies team or a disconnect from allies’ healer, he becomes a standing target.


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Situational hero to use on choke points on defense or escort maps. Great when you defense the point, bad when you trying to win a fight or take control of the point.


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With the nerfs from late patches and the disappear of 3 tanks meta, Ana is less used in competitive nowadays. Some players still use her because of the ultimate to combine with soldier or Genji.



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Even though Mercy has the most healing hp/s for a single target, she doesn’t fit in the dive comp very well while Zennyatta and Ana can heal allies from far distance. Become great if using with Pharah in control maps.

Tier 3


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Reaper is supposed to be the tank buster when the Overwatch meta is triple tanks or quad tanks. Now, the tanks like Winston and Dva are so mobile that he can’t keep up with even with a buff of regenerating while shooting. With a long range dealing 10-20 hp, he barely heals and feels a bit alone in a team fight if has no cover. Sometimes, you can expect a Zarya and Reaper running together and flank your whole team.



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Bastion has one raised to glory when Blizzard tried to buff him in season 4 when everything he shot turned to dust. By now, he was nerfed a little too hard. If the other heroes can go dash in, he is sitting stand in sentry mode and his sentry mode is not as good as before while he can still headshot and shoot with recoil control.


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While Junkrat’s bombs are annoying, the damage he does is not consistent enough for professional competitive play. Previously, he is picked to destroy the Reinhardt shield quickly by spamming the bomb and get the ultimate Rip Tide early to pick off an enemy.


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The meta of Mei has gone when season 3 comes, the hero is still there but simply she doesn’t fit any role either as a DPS or tank. She is still great to combine with Zarya or 3-tank meta.


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Hanzo is tricky and hard to use, mostly for one purpose: pick off early. The hero is still viable in some great player like “seagul”, “taimou”. Hanzo is a beast if the skill gap is large and sometimes appears in competitive ranked matches. If you remember a Hanzo meme “Is that a Hanzo main”, you know how the community evaluates Hanzo players.


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The meta of Roadhog has ended in season 3 when Blizzard nerfed his hook. Nowadays, he doesn’t simply hook in a small angle, he needs to stand right in front for a clear point of view to land a hook. Even with hook landed, his DPS nerf makes him hardly one shot any target. With the new buff, he is still weak and become an ultimate charging for enemies team.


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No heal and no DPS, that’s all Symmetra’s weaknesses. The sentries now aren’t as annoying as before when people get good at the game. She almost disappeared off the game because the same usage as Sombra or Torbjorn is better in any maps or team composition.

Overwatch hero Skins

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