Overwatch summer games update: copa Lucioball, top 500 special spray, new summer skins

Lucioball boosting and Top 500 special spray

The Overwatch summer games 2017 is now live. Bountyboosting.com gives you all updates about starting date, time, event and skins.

New ranked system for lucio ball event: Copa LucioBall

The Summer Games are set to continue from August 8 to August 29 and contains new ranked LucioBall games, a brand new LucioBall Sydney map.

Check out pro player Surefour playing Copa Lucioball here.

In addition to Lucio himself being much speedier and boopier, we’re getting some changes to the map and rank systems for this mode. Anyone who plays 10 Ranked Lucioball games will get a special spray. The top 500 ranked players will get another spray to show off their Lucioball dominance.

Bountyboosting.com is proud to announce that we will offer LucioBall boosting service for this lovely new event. If you are looking for a Lucioball boosting we have the people for you – Up to Top 500 with special spray and update reward by blizzard!

Overwatch summer 2017 new skins: widowmaker, soldier 76, mcree and so many more

Not only are we seeing a new type of Lucioball, using a ranked ladder and fresh maps : Rio de Janiero and Sydney Harbour Arena, but we are getting new skins. This time, rather than only Olympian athletes, the legendary skins are significantly summery modified.

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