Overwatch private booster service

Overwatch season 4: Private Booster Service 1

Overwatch private booster service

Season 4 of Overwatch starts on 1st March 0:00 UTC. With the latest Overwatch season 4 changes of the deranking system: you have to play 7 games a week to stop the deranking. BountyBoosting will offer Private Booster Service to our long-time customers.

What is Overwatch private booster service?

  • 1. Overwatch Private Booster Service provides you – our customer a one day package for one month basic.

  • 2. You have 5 or more accounts (15, 20 accounts) and you want them all Grandmaster ( 4000 SR), master ( 3500 SR) or want the booster to derank one specific account rating 2500 for you to play; and tomorrow you want him to boost it to 4000. No problem, BountyBoosting provide the cheap, customized Private Booster Service

Note: The booster will take care of all your accounts for any of your preference from rating 1500 to between 4000 and 4100

Booster: Top 500 season 4 players / 4300 SR+ players, doing boosting for a fixed amount/day

  • Package 1: 4 hours/day for 25 days/month (100 hours/month)

  • Package 2: 8 hours/day for 25 days/month (200 hours/month)

  • Package 3: 10 hours/day for 25 days/month (250 hours/month)

What does Overwatch private booster service guarantee?

  • 1. Boost any account from any rating to 4000 rating: from 16 hours – 24 hours, counting toward total hours of boosting

  • 2. What will happen if there is no boost today? It will not count toward the total hours of boosting

  • 3. The private booster will be working for you only for a month, at least the *exact hours a day

Rule and Policy:

  • Rating of any boost will be ranged from 1500 – 4000. The exact amount of an boost time will count when the booster is playing: boost to 4k, derank to 1k7, boost from 2k3 to 3k6, 7 games on 4k rating account, 12 wins aother account, doing placements…

  • Only Solo Q boosting order is being required

  • Guarantee the most skillful, hard-working booster of the site working for you only. Will play specific heroes if you require. Note: they are main tank and dps heroes.

  • The booster will boost at least 8 h/day. If you don’t need him today, the total hours will not decrease.

  • Will not doing boost for rating> 4k and top 500 (check out Top 500 Boost, Grandmaster boost)

  • What if you want an specific account top 500? U will have to order a Top 500 Boost for that specific account ( limited slots)

  • Price (12.5$/h – 20$/h) : price will be calculated to the Total amount of boosting hours per month and the limit Rating of any boost (4000 Rating max: 12.5$/h; 4300 Rating max: 20$/h). You should consider how much work for all the boosts for a specific package.

  • 3 Slots each month: 2 slots available, 1 slots filled

The package will be unavailable when all slots are filled.

Contact us for more information and price.


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