Overwatch Matchmaking Updates and changes of winstreak

Overwatch MatchMaking Updates and changes of winstreak

BountyBoosting announces changes of our service today according to the Overwatch MatchMaking Updates on April 11th.

On April 11th, Blizzard not only releases the Overwatch Uprising Event Patch, but also modifies the MatchMaking system. Before the patches, Blizzard quickly determine the MMR (Matchmaking rating) to match your “real” rating according to the in game performance and the winstreak (5-8 winstreak) to make the game less unfair with inaccurate skill rating players.

After the patches, the MMR is significantly changed. Nowadays, the system doesn’t multiply the Rating gain after 5-8 game win-streak. After testing the new patch, we see a huge difference in Skill Rating gain. After winning 7-8 games, we gain 30-40 points/ game. Winning 13-14 games awards 50-80 points/ game. Especially the Rating Gain is now heavily relied on the in game performance (on fire time), so Support players suffers a lot from this change. The on fire time for a support is very short-lasted compared to dps or semi tanks players. All of the changes will make Solo Q boost 1.5x or 2x effort and time-consuming, Duo Q boost 3x-4x effort and time-consuming. We can see a player playing Lucio, Mercy ganing 20-30 point/ game after winning 14 matches very usually.

Even with these changes, BountyBoosting keeps our service with the same price regardless of double or triple effort. The specific hero picking will increase lightly for support champions boosting in Solo Q and Duo Q raiting boosting, stays the same with win boosting and placement games.

Feel free to contact our support if you would like to know more about the new changes.

You can check the official Blizzard report Here, or a video of Grandmaster players reviews about the changes Here.


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