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overwatch competitive ranking system

What everybody needs to know about overwatch update, competitive ranks, top 500, competitive ranking system


Competitive play is a ranked game mode of Overwatch, unlocked at level 25. Competitive play is created for more serious players to test their level, sharpen skill and compete for a reward. This is called overwatch competitive ranks system, where players will have their skill rating after completing ten placements matches. At the end of each season, players will get specific rewards, depending on the highest rating he achieved. Constantly leaving matches will result in a ban from competitive play, lasting from 10 minutes to a season ban.


In this article, we will cover those main topics of Overwatch competitive ranks system:

  • Overwatch Seasons
  • Skill Rating Mechanics and Decay
  • Placement Calibration
  • Top 500 system
  • Party/Group Restrictions
  • End of season Rewards, overwatch competitive point


Competitive play is divided into seasons. Each season lasts around 80-90 days, in which players will compete against each other to alter the skill rating. The ranking system is set to reset at the end of the season, each player gets the competitive points and correlative sprays, icons for their participation.


Season Starting Date Ending Date Duration
Season 1 June 28th, 2016 August 18th, 2016 51 days
Season 2 September 1st, 2016* November 23th, 2016* 83 days
Season 3 December 1st, 2016* February 22nd, 2017* 83 days
Season 4 March 1st, 2017* May 29th, 2017* 89 days
Season 5 June 1st,2016 Auguest 29th, 2017 89 days



*Competitive Season 1 is 51 days when Blizzard first introduced the ranking system for testing and modification. During off-season, players still can join competitive play, it will not affect their ranking though.

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Skill Rating


Skill Rating in season 1 was a number from 1- 100. From season 2 till now, the skill rating scale is changed from 1 to 5000, with the purpose of showing players a more accurate skill level among a large player base. Below is the picture of skill rating tiers. Each player will have his icon show in a competitive match when his current rating reaches a certain point in the season, applying to diamond. For master and grandmaster, it needs the current rating to be in the exact point of the rating tiers. For example, for a player with highest rating 3600, but his current rating is 2600, it will show diamond icon in the match.

 Overwatch competitive ranks system - skill rating tiers


Ranking system mechanics: skill rating gain, loss, decay


A player can try to modify his skill rating by joining a competitive match on his own or within a group. After a match, he will gain or lose a certain amount of rating depends on several factors. Below is the list of significant factors that will affect the amount of SR gain/loss per match. It is experienced based on hundreds of matches played by our overwatch boost team.


  • Individual Performance: the better in-game performance, the more skill rating you will gain. During the game, you can look into it by looking how many medals you get or the amount of time you are on fire. If you are on fire consistently or have gold medals, it states that you perform very well and will be likely to get more Skill Rating if you win the match.
  • Winning streak or losing streak: Blizzard has changed the streak significantly from season 3. Before if you score a consecutive win of 5 – 6 matches, you will skyrocket your skill rating from the seventh matches by gaining 80-90 rating/match. From season 3 till now, it doesn’t affect much to your skill rating if you have a consecutive wins or losses. If you win 5- 7 matches consecutively, you will gain 5-10 rating bonus per match. Sometimes even after 10 wins, you will not even gain rating bonus.
  • Team match: sometimes you are put into an underdog team, sometimes you are in an overdog team no matter Skill Rating Tiers. For example, a team of average 3700 rating versus a team of 3900 rating. If you are in a team of the underdog and win, you gain more rating, if not, you just lose a bit chunk. And the opposite happens for overdog team.
  • Decayed Rating or Hidden Skill Rating: for some reason, your rating decays from 3900 to 3100. Now your current rating is below your real rating. If so, when you try to queue for a match, the ranking system will put you in a match with players around 3900, which is your real rating. If you win, you will get a bonus of 20-60 rating per match. It will happen 10-20 matches before you lose the bonus. The second situation is when you play a lot and you have a hidden rating of a certain number, which makes the SR gain significantly reduce to 13-16 rating per match. This is very common that players call it “Elo Hell”. The only way to get out of Elo hell is by winning a lot, get to a certain rating then maintain it for a period.
  • Decay system: from season 3, Blizzard made a change on the decay system in order to spectate the current rating more accurately. A player with a rating of 3000 and above must complete one match a day or seven matches a week to stop the decay. If not, the rating will decay 50 SR every 24 hours until it reaches 3000.


With that being said, the skill rating system is far from optimal, and it can be frustrating to play competitive when you are matching with trolls/leavers and get yourself into losing streak or elo hell. At Bountyboosting, we offer solo and duo services for climbing the skill rating ladder, you can check out the service here.


Placement Calibration


Overwatch competitive ranks system- placement calibration

Since season 3, Starting Skill Rating is determined by last season’s current skill rating and placement matches’ performance. The resulting skill rating is purposely placed lower than last season rating or your true rating. If you continue to play competitive matches and win, you will get bonus skill rating for plus 10-20 SR every win, total 40-80 SR every winning match. The system is designed to dictate the most accurate skill rating of players at the exact moment. There are few hidden factors that our overwatch team experienced after having played lots of placement matches for every account from unranked to top 500.


  • Is your account ranked or brand new account? If you played competitive matches already, your starting skill rating next season would be calculated based on the ending rating of the last season. If not, the skill rating will be determined by the quick play MMR.
    It is possible to score a master or grandmaster rating if you perform very well at quick play while climbing level 25.
  • Is your account decayed at the end of the season? For some cases, some players might have skill rating decay at the end of a season. It can look like current rating: 3000, highest rating: 3975, then your placement matches will be matched against Grandmaster and Master player. After the placement, it is certain that he will score Master Or Grandmaster rating depends on his placement matches’ performance
  • Placement group restriction: a Unranked player can only join a group with Unranked players or player with the rating less than 3000SR. The average rating will apply when the party ratings are close to each other. If it is too large of the deficit like a hidden rating of Grandmaster group with a player in gold tier, the system will ignore the player in gold tier and assume it is Grandmaster tier ( based on our experiences)


Because of this, we set a rule for our placement matches boost:
1. If you have decayed rating, in the placement matches boosting form, you have to input your current rating before the decay, not always the highest rating but your current rating, the placement matches will be played for those qualifications.
2. If you have decayed rating and forget about it, you input your decayed rating into the placement matches form, we will inform you after we play one placement game. If you’d like us to continue the remaining matches, we will not secure the wins per 10 matches because of the false rating. We will continue playing and score you a good result though. Or we will refund and you input the true rating again for the boost to continue.

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Top 500 system



Overwatch competitive ranks system - top 500 boost


From season 1 to season 5, blizzard has made some crucial changes to give players a more precise scale of top 500 players. Since season 4, there are 3 qualifications for a top 500 player ( Overwatch Hero)

  • Must be in the top 500 highest skill rating in your region
  • Must play at least 50 matches to qualify
  • Must be in the top 500 highest skill rating at the end of the season to get the reward and top 500 icon, spray. Once the rating decays, you are dropped out of top 500 instantly.

This is very accurate of the system to reward only top 500 players at the end of the season, which makes the top 500 more competitive – players to play consistently to remain their skill, not just get there and stay idle for the whole season. If you want to secure a top 500 spot this season, visit here to buy top 500 package before the season ends.


Group skill rating restriction


From season 2 until now, there are some restrictions in group in competitive play


  • Players with skill rating in diamond tier and below can only join a group with players with skill rating difference less than 1000 SR.
  • Players with skill rating in master tier and grandmaster can only join a group with players with skill rating difference less than 500 SR.

Because of these restrictions, it might be hard for you to join a friend’s party when your rating is too high for your friends. And sometimes it is hard to find a partner to climb the ladder. Here with BountyBoosting service, we sell premium account serving as a smurf for you to party with your friends or just enjoy the game at lower rating; we also provide Duo Queue service when you can group and play with our pro players to climb the rating ladder and improve by yourselves. Check out this service here.


End of season Rewards, overwatch competitive point


The first way for a player to earn competitive point is by joining a competitive match and win or draw. For each win, you gain 10CP every win ( competitive point) and 3 CP every draw. The second way is to receive Rewards for a competitive season.

Overwatch competitive ranks system-rewards

Other icon and spray rewards


Competitor: there are icons, sprays for every player completing 10 competitive placements matches.

Competitor season 1 Competitor season 2 Competitor season 3 Competitor season 4
Overwatch competitive ranks system - competitor 1 Overwatch competitive ranks system - competitor 2 Overwatch competitive ranks system - competitor 3 Overwatch competitive ranks system - competitor 4



Hero: Every top 500 player will receive the animated spray, two icons: one common icon for top 500 players, and another seasonal one for being top 500 in that season.

Common top 500 icon Hero season 1 Hero season 2 Hero season 3 Hero season 4
Overwatch competitive ranks system - common top 500 Overwatch competitive ranks system - top 500 1 Overwatch competitive ranks system - top 500 2 Overwatch competitive ranks system - top 500 3 Overwatch competitive ranks system - top 500 4


The grind of skill rating can be frustrating if you are near the end of the season. Our overwatch boost team is always ready to help you reach your goal and get the reward for the season with skill rating boost and duo queue service. Visit here for more information.

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