Overwatch Account packages


Developing to be one of the best Overwatch boosting Service, BountyBoosting introduce new service: Account packages

Choose SR bracket:

Only 2 brackets which had been applied account packages

What is account packages?

You will recive an account package with the same level as your account which you have just bought from our shop. Each package has some services that we will give you free or some discounts. We will contact you directly to apply the account package after you buying 1 of our accounts!

Each package is applied to 1 account only. For example: If you buy 1 master accounts, You will get 1 master account package.If you buy 2 master accounts, You will get 2 master account package.

Apply to all Master Accounts:(Choose 1 service)

Free 10 Placements Matches Boost (Unrank SS4) with 70% winrate

1 hour free coaching

Apply to all Grandmaster Accounts:(Choose 1 service)

Free 10 placements matches (Unrank SS4) with 50% winrate

2 hours coaching (50$ value)


Bountyboosting.com – Best services – Always

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