The International Dota Battle Pass 2017

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With the newly released The International Dota Battle Pass 2017, We are going to provide the same service as in the last year!

Which Includes:


During the Battle Pass Season, you will have two types of Match Making Rating.

Normal MMR (This is the MMR that you always had before purchasing the battle pass)

Seasonal MMR (MMR that works only during the international battle pass every year)

Anyone who has purchased The International Dota Battle Pass 2017 will be able to replace their Normal MMR with the Seasonal MMR. If you manage to get your Seasonal MMR Above your normal MMR, then you can simply replace it.

In order to do that, you will have to play 40 + ranked games by the end of the season.

How can we help you?

We are going to provide exactly the same service as the last year, we will play those 40 games for your current account with MMR or with a new account that you make and attach the battle pass to it.

We guarantee the maximum possible outcome during the calibration.

Valve Capped Maximum Possible Regular Calibration Result to 3500 MMR! BUT! If you make a fresh new account with battle pass attached to it, you can calibrate up to 5000!

Order Seasonal Calibration


Every weekend you can hire our boosters to play together with you in the party. Or
let us handle the heavy lifting and use your account as well.

If you choose to play without boosters, we guarantee 100% victory until tier 5. If for some reason we fail to deliver the victory, you will be fully refunded.

However, if you choose to play with our boosters on your own account, there will be no refunds and guarantees.

Order Battle Cup Victory


Each week, players who have battle pass have a TOKEN which using to bet their OWN RANK(higher level battle pass will have 2 and 3 ToKENs/week)

Which mean if you win the game, you will gain double the rank bonus (+25 => +50) or lose double the rank bonus if you lose the game

We provide Rank double down service for you to make sure your TOKEN is not going to waste

Order Rank double down

Arcana Voting, and some of the easy quests that will be during the work are all included for free during the boosting process or any battle pass service that you order!

Regards, – Best services – Always

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