Destiny 2 power level boost: how to level up quickly in destiny 2

destiny 2 power level boost

The complete guide to increasing the power level of your guardians.

Do you feel disoriented and overwhelmed because there are so many missions, stuff to discover in destiny 2 for even one class. This is the guide for you to level up your character in a fast still keep your rarest loot for the end-game activity to scale with you.

Do you feel like your guardian is stuck at mid 270 or 280s power level? If you do, read more to understand why and learn to level power fast and efficiently.

First, what is power?

Power is the average measure of all three weapons and 5 armor pieces.
It is called “light” in destiny. Before you reach level 20, your power will scale with the level from 10 to around 200. When you reach level 20, the level is capped and now the end-game power looting really happens.

Below is the full guide of activities you should do based on your power to level it up fast and still efficiently.

Phase 1: Power to level 200

destiny 2 power level boost

In this phase, you basically play through story missions and adventures. Those activities will have a requirement for specific levels: for example level 13 to enter this activity or enter another planet. If you are not qualified, head to the public events or adventures. They give lots of XP and are worth the experience.

Normally, from 10 to 260 power level, loots drop around your power level and sometimes 1-5 points higher, so you will power up slowly and grind through each stage of the game. Sometimes with faction reward, it can have a big jump of 10 power for gears. You will find yourself around level 200 when you reach level 20.

Phase 2: Power 200 – 260

destiny 2 power level boost

From now, the fun begins when you are at the end-game stage. Your XP gaining will not matter but aware of some tricky activities you might want to save for the time to do it. The game mechanics will be explained to players.

Normal gear like white (common), green (uncommon), blue (rare) have a cap power of 260. So below that, every drop helps you improve your gears’ power. The fastest way to do it is public events because it lasts around 5-10 minutes and gives you blue gears, planet tokens sometimes good loots when you trigger the heroic version. Several things you should do in this stage is complete quests on each planet and try to complete milestones and specific adventures. The goal is to unlock exotic quests which guarantee gives you exotic weapons and get all the upgrade points from adventures for your subclasses. Adventures last longer than public events but reward upgrade points which you will not gain by taking XP anymore because your level is capped at 20.

Legendary and exotic gears are the thing that goes beyond the 260 cap, so you might want to save activities which give you those gears. Faction rewards: Engrams no longer have you gain the highest possible level gear as before. They will craft specific power gear based on when they drop. So go craft them as soon as you get them. Faction rewards can speed up your way from 200 power to 270.

Activities you should do to power level up fast:

  • Public events
  • Adventure with upgrade points reward
  • Quests and milestones to unlock exotic quests
  • Daily challenges for faction rewards

Activities you should not do at this stage:

  • Nightfall
  • Leviathan Raid
  • Exotic Quest
  • Cayde’s treasure maps
  • Powerful milestones

Phase 3: Power it up to 300

destiny 2 power level boost

From 260 on, you can dismantle any blue gears you get because they are capped at 260. Now, it is time for you to go for those powerful gear as they are usually awarded once a week on the milestones. You will not receive the powerful loot again when you win Nightfall, Leviathan Raid multiple times a week.

Those activities will scale with your power and drop gears based on your power level

destiny 2 power level boost

  •  Milestones: weekly challenges (reset on every Tuesday, showed when you press L2) that will reward you with powerful loots that scale with your current level. You might want to hold it until you get to 260.
  • Nightfall: a harder version of strikes, is challenging and changing every week gives you powerful gear. Note that: there is no matchmaking so you have to bring your friends to finish it. We offer nightfall boost for you if you need it to be done before the reset timer.
  • Leviathan Raid: like nightfall, Raid resets every week and guarantees giving you powerful gear. It is super hard and requires a fireteam of high-skilled, cooperating players to finish it. However, the rewards are very good, you also can loot the hidden chest on the Leviathan raid map. It takes around 20-25 minutes for you to loot those chests after finishing the final boss. We offer Leviathan Raid boost with completion guaranteed.
  • Cayde’s Treasure maps: you can buy them from Cayde and get the random loots that range from 0 to 260+ on every planet.
  • Trials of the nine flawless: the rarest chest with full of loot when you are rewarded at the end of the week for winning 7 matches in a row. There are some requirements to have access to Trial of the nine play. Check out our trial of the nine flawless service, which will guarantee you 7 consecutive wins with the most prestige reward.
  • Iron banner: level iron banner to the highest level and get the reward, currently unknown stats or powers.
  • Flashpoints: each week, you will have one flashpoint on a random planet, when you complete the event, you get powerful gear reward.
  • Exotic quests: the final quest that rewards you an exotic weapon scaling with your power level. For different purposes, you might want to do it after you level to 260 to get a powerful gear that gets you through activities faster and grind more powerful gear. You can infuse the higher gear to the exotic gear to keep the abilities and increase the exotic power.

destiny 2 power level boost

Or you might want to hold it as long as you can to get a super good exotic weapon. Keep in mind each exotic quest can be done once for one character so consider it carefully. Find out more about the service here for exotic quest completion.

destiny 2 power level boost


You’ll also need mods to power level your gears, which gets +5 power.

So if you are stuck at some point, don’t worry about it because there is no more powerful gear you can get any more in the week or you just mix up the powerful reward you do while in phase 1 or 2. Or it can be pure RNG drop rate. That’s why lots of players create another class and notice a significant difference in the power increase. They just equip the stronger gear before they get the powerful gears. Make sure you loot as more the powerful loots as possible before the weekly reset.

We offer destiny 2 power level boost for players to reach their desired power level. Check out the full explanation of our destiny 2 boosting services here, we also offer and guarantee 300 power level boost at the moment.

Stay tuned for more updates in the future when Bungie releases more challenging activities

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