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Like destiny, destiny 2 is all about unlocking new loots, powering up characters and growing as powerful as you can for upcoming activities. However, the play through or loot grind might be very hard, time-consuming and luck based. That’s why we introduce our destiny 2 boosting service, which will provide you everything you need to do to increase your power light.
If you have any difficulties in the game or event, use this guide to choose the most suitable services either Raid Completion or Trial Flawless Carry. We will keep updating the destiny 2 service as new information of in-game activities released on each platform PC, PS4 and Xbox One.



destiny 2 PVE Boosting

PVE ( players against environment ) is where players fight against AI. Best features of the game as destiny 2 focuses on end-game gears and weapon mod system and limited activities. You will gain upgrade points, gear and stronger enemies on the endless PVE adventure. The more power you have, the easier you can defeat PVE milestones and win against weaker players in PVP tournament.


Destiny 2 Quick Level

If you are new to the game, you might want to explore game contents and get used to game mechanics. By playing campaign and story mission, your guardian will level up slowly from level 1 to level 20. At each level, you will have the gear with specific power at that level. As you level your character up, the power light of your guardian moves up as your gear. Once you reach level 20, you’ll be free to equip any weapons in the game. The end game and power-grinding really start when you reach level 20. If you have a subclass or just want to enjoy the game at the high end, let us handle the leveling part. Our order is processed within 8 hours.

destiny 2 quick level



Destiny 2 power boost

In Destiny 2, the strength of your character is determined by “power” rating, not by your level. Just like “light” in destiny, power represent your overall defensive and offensive capacity. The soft cap of common (white), uncommon (green) and rare (blue) gears is 260. So keep in mind that you should not upgrade or go wild on legendary or exotic gears below 260. When you reach level 20, the average power of new level 20 characters is 200. As you move up, you will see each activity has a suggested power. Sometimes, it might feel underwhelming and big challenge for you to get through a milestone activity as your power is not good enough. You might want to head to public activities or strikes/raid to get better loot to get ready. When your character power is higher, you will have better chance to win PVP and PVE events which gives you special rewards with even more powerful gears.

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Strike Boost

destiny 2 strike boost

Once you unlock strike mission, you can access it with a fireteam of 3 guardians for a lengthier mission. Some strike requires you complete specific milestones or finish some strikes for a particular time. It can be a good place for you to grind good gear because everytime you finish a strike, you earn blue (rare) gears and at a rare chance purple (legendary) gears. Also, you earn reputation tokens which you can give to Zavala for more gear.

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Nightfall Boost

Nightfall Boost is a harder mission in strikes, which you unlock when you reach level 20 and have access to strikes. To have access to it, you have to not only complete two strikes as part of Zavala’s milestone quests but also get your power to 240. Nightfall doesn’t allow matchmaking, so you will either play it solo or find a fireteam to get through it. Nightfall represents a nice change of pace from previous missions or strikes. It is far harder and gets you to the way of grinding your character power.

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Raid boost

destiny 2 raid boost

When you reach 260 power, the high-end game power grind begins. You will go hunt for best loot in the game to get powerful enough to compete in activities like Trials of the nine, Iron Banner Tournament. The best way to do it is by completing Raids which give you legendary, exotic, thing that gets you beyond 260. Raid requires a fireteam of 6 people with a strategy to participate and cooperate as a team to play through and defeat the final boss. It is quite impossible for a single player to win it without a team of powerful gears and good-mechanic skill. The reward is always worth the effort. Your character will slowly shift from blue gears to purple and yellow gears, Which give you powers from 260 above.

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Quest Completion

Meanwhile, you unlock quests on each planet after story mission. Quest gives you “powerful” gear, subclass or exotic weapons. You might want to hold those quest for later as they give more powerful gear than current gears you have. So it will be smart if you want a perfect gear with power goes beyond the limit with special abilities later or want a good gear right now to progress through the current PVE, PVP missions. Either way is fine; Quest also unlocks subclass which has a complete combination of abilities.


Milestones package/ Daily Challenges

Milestones package are random on PVE missions and PVP crucible. Completing bounties give you reputation to grab for those end-game gears. There are 3 daily challenges on each planet as well as for strikes and crucible.

If you don’t have time and want to clear all the bounties before it resets. Check out here, we provide service to handle the task for you.



destiny 2 pvp boost

PVP ( players against players ) is a system for players to compete on a team to win against other to determine strongest, best mechanic skill, players. It is also a place for players to get the best loots and shiny badges in the game.


Competitive play

Competitive play is a PVP mode 4vs4 for destiny 2 players. You can either join competitive play as solo and match with random players or go as a team of 4 members. There is no ranking system yet, but Bungie will release it very soon in the future to be a good field to players to determine their mechanic skill. For now, it is just a good place for you and your team to play a quick match against another team.


Trials of the nine flawless boost

trials flawless

Trials of the nine is a time-limited PVP event, in which player has to win specific wins consecutively with no losses to access the exclusive Lighthouse social space and get the most powerful gears and a victorious badge for your character. Like nightfall and raid, Trial of the nine requires an equally strong team of 4 members to win multiple matches in a row and you can’t tackle it solo in those modes.

The requirements for Trial of the nine:
*Complete the destiny 2 campaign

*Complete the Call to Arms Crucible Milestones at least one
*Power light of 260 and above


The previous system for Trial of the nine Rewards:
*If you win 5 matches in a row, you receive a special armor piece, which is different each week.

*If you win 7 matches in a row, you receive the weekly weapon
*If you win 9 matches in a row, you will have access to the exclusive Lighthouse social space with a chest full of loot.

You might want to get yourself to power light of 260 for a tackle of PVP.

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Iron Banner leveling

This is the PVP event which also gives you powerful gears near the level cap and high-end game. Iron Banner has a metric of levels, which you level from 1 to level 5 by earning reputation when winning matches and completing Banner Bounties. The highest level 5 will give you the highest reward but it is very long to achieve and you will gain rewards along the way you level it up.

Check out our Iron Banner level for special limited-time rewards.


Recommended power for certain activities


This is the power range of activities as we experience so far in destiny 2:

*Vanguard strike playlist – 140 Power level

*End-game planet story mission: 200 on Nexus, 220 on Titan, 240 on IO, 260 on EDZ

*Weekly nightfall – 240 power level required.

*Leviathan Raid –  between 260 – 280 power level

*Prestige nightfall – 300 power recommended

*Trial of the nines – 260 power level required


Stay tuned for updates when more information is released by Bungie. We will keep updating the service and the guide.

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