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Placement games FAQ?

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What is power boost?

Destiny 2 power level represents your equipped gears’ level. The better guns and armor you have, the higher your power level goes. When you have a higher power level, you deal more damage and receive less injury.
You can either choose solo or carry. With “solo”, a highly skilled player will log into your account and level your power by himself. While with”carry”, you will play with the player until you reach your desired.

How does power level boost work?

Once you place the order, the booster will be assigned and start to work on the progress. We will guarantee the power level you desire. For a rare case, the power level is maxed out and there is no more activity to do. You can either have a partial refund or keep it for the next week purchase. Keep in mind that the gears for legendary and exotic over 265 power drop very randomly.

How long will the boost take?

The boost often takes 6-16 hours after the booster is assigned. For a rare case, the boost can take more than a day because of the large power gap like from 200 to 300. The boost from 0 to 200 or level 0-20 often takes 6-8 hours if you want us to do the story mission, 4 hours if only doing public events. The boost from 200 to 260 takes roughly 8-15 hours depending on the activities you want to do. Lastly, the boost from 260 to 300 takes 16-24 hours depending on the available activities and drops.

Is my account information safe?

All your account information or user info will be kept private to only you and will be decrypted on the secure form. All the account information is secure between you and the booster; all our boosters have to do trials and tests before taking your order. 100% played by hand, no cheat or third program using.

How do I purchase?

Head to the form and fill in all the required fields to check your boost. After you fill in, click “order now” and you will have the option to fill in your account information and user info ( all saved for the first time in your website’s account). After all done, click on “checkout with PayPal” and then you will be redirected to PayPal so all the information is secure.

What happens when one of my friends messages the booster while he is playing?

The booster will not respond to any messages while he is playing. If you want to appear offline or switch to another server so they appear offline, it is totally fine.

Why choose Bountyboosting over others?

We have been operated since 2016 and prove to be leading company in the industry. With top boosters from all around the world and the most competitive price, why would you go elsewhere? We guarantee the quality of the service being done fast and efficiently with the price that you won’t find elsewhere.

Do you take other payment methods than PayPal?

If you check out on the website, the primary option is PayPal. However, we also accept Skrill, WebMoney, and bitcoin. Contact us in the live chat for those options.

Do you have any reputation?

Having been operated since 2016, Bountyboosting has fulfilled our terms and all the customer requests from either rating boosting or account buying. Check out here for reviews from the website or other platforms. We are also verified and top service/shop on Epicnpc with 100% positive feedbacks.


Time of placement matches: 3-4 hours from the start, can be delayed for some hours due to duo, stream or specific heroes, boosters preference


End of season rank Normal winrate High winrate Insane winrate
Diamond + Below (3500 and below) 70% 80-90% 90-100%
Master (3500 – 4000) 70% 80-90% 90-100%
Grandmaster tier 1 (4000 – 4250) 70% 80-90% 90-100%
Grandmaster tier 2 (4250+) 60% 70-90% 80-100%



We will add 3 extra NET or 75SR wins for each loss below the promised Winrate!

We will also add 1 extra NET win for the first DRAW below the promised.

If you get placed above 4000 Skill rating with GM accounts, net wins are not owed regardless of the score.

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3. Click “Order now!” to buy it, complete the payment (with Paypal)

4. After your purchase we will contact you in 5 – 10 mins to help you, apply the discounts and answer any questions.

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