Overwatch accounts


You want to purchase high Overwatch SR accounts, click one of 3 below brackets to see our available accounts.

Overwatch accounts information

For the upcoming service of Overwatch coaching, We give away free OVERWATCH ACCOUNT PACKAGES for all Overwatch Master, Grandmaster Account being purchased in the limited time.

Account Stats

What is a legit rating account?

A master account is an account with current rating in master tier.
For example season 3 SR: 3561 /4121 is master account and SS4 Rating: Unrank => Account will be shown as Master/ Unrank ss4

What is the rating after the placements for season 4?

The ss4 Rating will be calcualted to Current Rating of ss3. Our placement boost package will guarantee the ss4 rating will greater than SS3 rating
For example, ss3 SR: 3661/3772. The account after placements will be master tier and rating >= 3661

Account Delivery

How fast I receive account details after payment?

It's instant. After your payment please notify us via skype) / email / facebook.

Where do I get account details?

Account details (steam + email) will be send on your Paypal email! if you not provide any other email/facebook/skype.

Can I change email / password of new account?

Yes of course, we will help you change email contact before send you full information.

Guarantee !

We are a team with ~10 boosters, we created accounts and sell them to customers. We do not buy accounts from any third party.

Working from overwatch season 2, bountyboosting provide a professional Overwatch boosting and coaching. We have been sold over 30 accounts from unrank to Grandmaster.

We will take full responsibility for accounts after sale for whole life.

Fully refund if you account was charged back after sale (you need to give proof that the account was charged back, not be hacked)

We wont take responsibility if you use your account for hacking / scamming or if you lose the account and it's your fault.

We will help you change all information to make the account become your own.

We have membership policy, contact us to get discount if this's your 2nd / 3rd buy