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About Bountyboosting.com

about bountyboosting

Bountyboosting.com History

Bountyboosting.com was founded in December 2016, was officially launched on February 10th. We have experience in the boosting industry under the name and the site: dragonshop.com.

At first, the owner named the team dragon shop with the intention of providing Overwatch customized account and Overwatch boosting service to help fulfill the players’ demands. The team consists of 10 people running the whole company in two main services: proving accounts and boosting skill rating for customers. With more demand from customers and the need to expand and improve the service, we officially change to Bountyboosting.com and strike to fulfill as many customer’s need as possible.

Our main goal is that we always want to satisfy the customer and always keep reviewing customer’s opinion and keep improving the service as much as possible.


The managing team: both site owners and managers are very personally close in the real life and the daily work of keeping the website updated to the game content. We pay a close attention to the customers’ individually, keep the orders on track and inform all the boosters team requirements, updates about the in-game system. In fact, we are gamers for more than 10 years, we play the game by ourselves. We learn the game contents, tricks, and tips deeply as much as our customers, gamers do. We love what we do and want to help you, customers as help our friend to get what you want from the game and improve as well of course. Thanks to Hoang Anh, The Minh, Pham Giang, Minh Huy for what they have done for our company.

The live support team: One of our proud features is that we have our support team running 24/7. They are always online to answer customer’s questions, keeping track of the orders and contacting the players. The support team is friends in real life, they know how to keep the info privately and transfer it privately to another live support member.

The boosters: every booster is selected and tested for all the qualifications and requirements to get the job done in a remarkable time. They are pro players or semi-pro players all around the world from NA, EU, Asia just want to get paid for what they love to do. All the players have the responsibility of the job they receive not just the game they play for fun. They play the game professionally, which mean they want to keep their passion going and work hard for it. Sometimes, fails happened and we always compensate the customers first and then considering the failure an example to keep improving our service.

about bountyboosting


Account Shop: We are proud to say that we are the leader and best Overwatch account shop in the industry. The shop is founded in the middle of Overwatch competitive season 2(late September to early December). All the accounts are managed by two suppliers. Those two guys have built their reputation in the Overwatch Vietnam Community though season 2 until now. The process of getting an account into our shop is quite clear: either those two guys meet the account’s owner in real life or the owner provide full account information and his identity. Before one account is listed in our shop, it must be guaranteed that all the information is 100% ours and the owner ( the Vietnam Player) is trusted. After 5 seasons, Bountyboosting is the biggest Overwatch supplier corporation, which sells accounts to each individual customer. All the accounts are owned by us, not single player or customer. Therefore, the account safety is guaranteed to our customer.

Service: the players come from all around the world: Asia, Europe, Americas; in such case, when you place an order, the waiting time is normally very short. The booster will be assigned right away and getting the order processed in a moment. Sometimes, if you want a carry/duo, we will schedule the time for you with the players around your timezone so the playing time is comfortable for both the parties. The booster works more than 8 hours a day for his job. Last but not least, the managers are online 24/7 to keep the information updated; the managers have a close connection between each other and in-game with the players so everything is always up to date.

Our goal right now is to grow bigger and prove that we are the top-notch service and supplier out there. We try to reach more customer that needs our service. Any particular demand range from small boosts, big boosts, stream option to account information safety and buying the most suitable accounts within your pocket. We have boosters and coaches, who are specialized in three games: PUBG, Overwatch, Destiny 2. With talents from every place in the world, Bountyboosting strikes to rank in the top tier service in those games we love.


Last but not least, Bountyboosting first released customers’ reviews function on the website in 2017 May. Prior to 2017 May, we had been built our reputation through other social platforms: websites, forums, Emails, Skype. Those reviews were either positive or negative and of course, 100% negative on those platforms because they only allow positive or negative; so if we get the job done, the positive review number rises. From 2017 May until now, we have taken the reviews from the website, calculated to stars number and comments. This allows us to better serve our customer more quickly and efficiently, thereby not only helping create a positive environment for customers but also increasing our reputation, which improves our website rankings on Google, Bing, Yahoo and more!